Vasquez Rocks

Written by Alpenglow Images on May 5th, 2010

Last Friday, after stopping at the Antelope Valley to photograph poppies, I drove down the 14 freeway to Vasquez Rocks County Park near Santa Clarita.  I’ve always wanted to visit this park, but its always been slightly out of my way.  I’m glad I stopped.

Vasquez Rocks was set aside, in part, because of its unique geology; the rocks were uplifted as a result of activity in the Elkhorn Fault (an offshoot of the San Andreas fault), and with time the erosion of sand away from the sandstone left rocks that jut out of the ground at very picturesque angles.  The sandstone has a variety of mineral deposits, giving it unique colors.  In addition, I found a rich lichen diversity, and enjoyed taking detailed shots of it.

Triptych of lichen photographed at Vasquez Rocks County Park, California

Several examples of the lichen present at Vasquez Rocks

In addition, Vasquez Rocks’ proximity to Los Angeles has made it a popular filming location for several movies and TV shows, including Star Trek, Zorro, and MacGyver.  Because I visited in midday, I wanted to focus primarily on intimate compositions (like the lichen above) or contrasty black and white shots; fortunately the clouds were on my side in providing an interesting sky.

Famous Rocks at Vasquez Rocks County Park, California


In addition to the great scenery, the upside of stopping here is that the rocks didn’t move in the wind!


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  1. pj finn says:

    The B/W is a very strong image. I’ve never cared much for the idea of avoiding the midday sun. It can make for some very powerful photos. Use it to it’s best advantage, says I. You certainly did here.

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